Friday, February 17, 2006

Final payment to Chic + pictures

All the building work has taken its toil on the lane, it is sea of mud just now. The verges will recover soon. I can see the snowdrops already. Our wild life hedge is also starting to show signs of life. There are remains of the ivy and brambles that were growing on the old garage so I expect that will recover as well.

Talking to Paddy one of my neighbours I found out a possible reason for all the old bricks and stuff that the builders found. Apparently during the second world war parts of the lane were dug up to build air raid shelters for the little houses the other side of Victoria Street and the people living in the yards off Parliament Street. A view of the concrete floor and the threshold that spreads out onto the verge of the lane.

Have made the final payment Chic the builder today. That only leaves the roof to be fitted and be paid for; the vehicle doors to fit and the electrics to be fitted by me.

My neighbours are going to fit a gate to the alley on the far side of the garage in the picture above.

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Paul+Elizabeth said...

Did you give Chic a cheque?
Do you need any lodgers it looks bigger than our house?