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Fodbank Motors Dunfermline - Triumph car dealers 15

Fodbank Motors  new premises STR August 1966
Fodbank Motors  new premises STR August 1966
The opening of a new premises by Fodbank Motors of Dunfermline on Halbeath Road was reported in the the Standard Triumph review in August 1966.  It was reported that Fodbank Motors of Dunfermline got the franchise in December 1965. The business did not seem to hold the Triumph franchise for long as they not listed in 1974.
Quoting from the original article:
Opening of the new premises of Fodbank Motors. Standard Triumph dealers in Dunfermline since last December, was held up seven months after a bulldozer destroyed one of the concrete supports. However, the end of May saw the attractive £15,000 building opened on the site the had occupied for the preceding five years.

Showrooms, offices and filling station now sport the up-to-date look, and the services facilities in part of the old building have been increased. Next extension planned will  be to provide a large stores department between the sales and services centres.

With a frontage of 128 feet, the garage has room to display 45 cars, and the general impression of tidiness and modernity is emphasised by the rich cedarwood facings of the exterior.

The opening ceremony was performed by Mr W McLay, Manager of Rossleigh Limited, Kirkcaldy, Distributors for Fife, and Mr  J W Wills Triumph's Sottish Sales representative was present.

Mr Wills complimented Mr B Scott, proprietor of Fodbank Motors on building premises suitable to house the vehicles for which he held the franchise. This showed the progressive outlook so necessary in the trade today if they were to keep their place in an expanding market. 

I understand that the building has been knocked down.
Am sure if this is where I think it is, all buildings are gone now and a new built Kwik Fit tyres unit sits there now. I recall in the mid 70's onwards Taggarts (previous Fife Motor Co) became the local Triumph/BL agents and thats demolished now as well replaced by newly built Iceland and Aldi next to Dunfermline FC.

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If you have any more information about this garage, photos of window stickers, dealer badges or sill plates etc please let me know.

You can download a copy of the Triumph Sales and Service Directory 1968-69 which started me off on the search for info about Triumph car dealers.

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Picture credits: Standard Triumph review August 1966.

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