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Motor Macs (Exeter) Ltd and Lock Bros of Exeter - Triumph car dealers 18

Number 18 in my series of articles about Triumph car dealers this is article about dealers in Exeter, Devon UK.
Lock Bros advert 1956
Lock Bros advert 1956

Lock Bros

Edgar William Lock and Herbert Henry Lock brothers where in business together as a  firm of builders and contractors known as J Lock and Sons and as garage proprietors known as Lock Bros.  Those business where dissolved with effect from 31 March 1952. 

Ladysmith Road garage, Exeter
Ladysmith Road garage
The garage business carried on.  Also sold Singer cars and later Saabs. A purpose built garage in the 60's subsequently became Exeter Motors and sold Proton cars.

Triumph 1500 TFJ 725J - Hampshire Bus & Coach Preservation

As of 2016 Hampshire Bus Preservation Group have a Triumph 1500 that was first sold by Lock Bros in 1971 in their collection.
Lock Bros advert 1961
Lock Bros advert 1961

Motor Mac's Exeter Limited

Motor Macs advert from 1929
Motor Macs advert from 1923
Based at 167-169 Sidwell Street in 1923 Motor Macs were a victim of bombing in the blitz of May 1942.  They continued to trade from the site after the war.  In 1956 they were still in Sidwell Street as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Standard Triumph dealers. The firm opened up specially to help with the first run of the Triumph 48hour round Britain reliability run in 1966.

In 1967 they they had moved to Paris Street as a result of the rebuilding of Sidwell Street.  By 1973, a Motor Macs was based in Okehampton Street.

MotorMacs in Sidwell Street, Exeter in 1955
Motor Macs Exeter Limited in 167/69 Sidwell Street, Exeter in 1955.
The Motor Macs Trophy was presented in 1959 by Motor Macs (Exeter) Ltd, Standard Triumph distributors, to the Exeter Vikings Motor Club as a perpetual trophy for the Rally of the Moors. In the first four years it was presented to four crews all who were driving Triumph Heralds.  The photograph shows Mr Ray Chamberlain with the Cup and replica and his winning Herald.  He won in 1961 and 1962.

In October 1962 it was reported in the Standard Triumph Review that new premises costing £170,000 were opened by Frank Higham of Standard Triumph Sales Limited who arrived by helicopter.

Extract from Standard Triumph Review March 1964

In the Standard Triumph Review March 1964 it was reported. Four new Triumph Herald 1200 saloons were delivered to Exeter Diocesan Council for Moral Welfare by Motor Macs (Exeter) Ltd. The council changed over all its cars to Heralds.
Motor Macs (Exeter) Ltd dealer address sticker on Herald 1200 Brochure
Motor Macs (Exeter) Ltd dealer address sticker on Herald 1200 Brochure

Other Motor Macs companies

I believe Motor Macs also had firms in Southampton and Bournemouth.

Motor Macs Bournemouth 1928 advert
Motor Macs Bournemouth 1928 advert
My article about Motor Macs Bournemouth.

Triumph car dealers in Exeter - when and where

In 1955 Motor Macs (Exeter) Ltd 167/169 Sidwell Street are listed as distributor with dealers
Lock Bros 147 Ladysmith Road
Peamore Garages Ltd, Alphington
Woods Western Garage Ltd 52 Alphington Road

In 1959 Motor Macs (Exeter) Ltd 167/169 Sidwell Street are listed as distributor with dealers
Lock Bros 147 Ladysmith Road
Torquay Motors Ltd Topsham Road

In 1965 and 1969 Motor Macs (Exeter) Ltd Paris Street are listed as distributor with dealers
Lock Bros 147 Ladysmith Road

In 1974 Mumfords (Exeter) Limited, Paris Street are listed as distributor.

Plea for information

If you have any more information or recollections about these garages, photos of window stickers, dealer badges or sill plates etc please let me know.  I can be contacted via the comments to this post or on facebook at

Further information and sources

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You can download a copy of the Triumph Sales and Service Directory 1968-69 which started me off on the search for info about Triumph car dealers.

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Picture credits: Triumph 1500 Hamphire Bus Preservation Group; Old adverts and Ladysmith garage Exeter Memories website; Lock Bros advert 1961from Gracesguides website;

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