Monday, April 02, 2018

Triumph Car Dealers in Finland - Triumph 2000 Mk2 sales

Whilst collecting information about Triumph car dealers in Finland I have got this material from 1970's dealing with the Triumph 2000 Mk2. Another article will follow with the now traditional list of dealers.

Triumph 2000 Mk2 Finland brochure

Triumph 2000 Mk2 Finland brochure 01

Triumph 2000 Mk2 Finland brochure 02

Triumph 2000 Mk2 advert

Triumph 2000 Mk2 advert

Plea for information

If you have any more information or recollections about Triumph Car Dealers in Finland, photos of window stickers, dealer badges or sill plates etc please let me know. I can be contacted via the comments to this post or on facebook at

Further information and sources

Link to the other articles in this series.  

Link to Flickr album Triumph in Finland

Link to face book page: Triumph Car Dealers.

Link to my Triumph Car Dealers Flickr group .

I have a collection of Standard Triumph car dealer directories:

Picture credits:  Thanks to Mikka Sonkki on facebook for sharing these items with me.

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