Friday, April 07, 2006

Emails exchanged

Emails exchanged

to Jason

Have got home from a day in office and settled in for the evening. Now I
find an email from David Aspinal. Think I will leave until tomorrow to call
Having read his message on TSSC message board I think I had better sleep on
it. He does not seem to have answered either of the questions. Why
restrict advertisements, why the club has such an odd arrangement to publish
the magazine.
To say that your statements were inaccurate but not to say how or why leaves
the matter unresolved and the members such as me in the dark.
All the best

to Steve, I too am sleeping on it - I have drafted a response to David. He's
been economical with the truth, has not apologised nor, as you say, actually
answered the issues. I don't think this can be put to bed until he does.
The way I see it -
I asked a question about a statement in some minutes.
David tells me that statement was printed wrongly.
Unfortunately that's been interpreted rather loosely by saying my post was
The statement hasn't been publicly corrected nor has the question been
publicly answered.
I think we have to keep pressing - his idea of private answers to public
questions is crazy - he's as much admitted that he'll answer the question
privately to individual members but not openly on the forum, how daft is
that, "I'll talk to 10,000 members individually but not as one"

Thanks for your support, keep flying the flag!

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