Friday, April 07, 2006

tssc missing post

I don't mind at all but David Aspinal seems to have taken a exception to it
- both to you posting it and what I said! I had another call from him this
morning another hour plus, I must have spent over 4 hours on the phone to
him in total over the course of this episode.
He seems to flit between understanding and dogmatic in an instant - he still
hangs onto the idea that by censoring things he'll stop people talking. He's
a small businessman used to doing things his way and I honestly think he
needs to just take the blinkers off and look at things with fresh eyes. The
membership has an interest in debate, has a right to talk and if anyone
takes that away they will be upset!
He was a little exasperated with me this morning, because I won't just shut
up - as I pointed out it's my Blog and I'll say what I like I'll keep it
light hearted and legal but other than that it's whatever I fancy putting up
there :-)
The trouble is in trying to stop the thread he's created a sh*t storm out of
all proportion to the original question - it now becomes a principle. He
still has to answer all the questions and issues this episode raises. What
are the procedures for taking a post down, or suspending a member or
answering questions about the workings of the Club etc?
Interestingly I have to write an Area News tonight following our area
meeting Tuesday when all this kicked off - I have to mention it as it was
the hot topic of conversation, I wonder if I'll be censored in print too?
I'll only know when the next Courier drops through the door!
Want to see what I've been up to? Check out Jason's Blog -
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Jason - so the story continues. Hope you do not mind me quoting your latest
blog entry on my blog and the TSSC message board.
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