Sunday, February 14, 2016

TR7 Hatch - for sale in France

French built Triumph TR7 hatchback
French built Triumph TR7 hatchback
This interesting looking modified TR7 coupe has come up for sale in France.  Sometimes referred to as being the TR7 Fuego. It is apparently very well built professionally.
It has appeared on forums and facebook several times.  Friends on the Club Triumph forum report having seen it on the road in France.
Triumph TR7 hatchback open
Triumph TR7 hatchback open

The hatchback has been cleverly added. It appears to be from a Datsun 100 coupe. Note how the fuel tank and filler have been moved.  Those that have seen the car report that the work has been done to a high standard and reinforcement added to the rear floor to compensate for the metal cut out.
Datsun 100 coupe
The conversion was done in period.

The interior has different seats and steering wheel.
The wheels which has non-Triumph covers.

Sean Hazell on the Austin-Rover Online facebook group pointed out that the wheels look like Ford RS from a distance.  But the spoke to rim joint is different.

The engine looks to be a standard 8 valve 4 cylinder TR7 engine.

As seen at LeMans Classic 2016 with a different reg number.

Renault Fuego images for comparison.
Renault Fuego hatch

Renault Fuego GTX 2.0 1981
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