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Triumph Car sales in Rotherham - Triumph car dealers 2

Here is the second article in an occasional series about Triumph car dealers. This post is about Standard Triumph dealers in Rotherham, Yorkshire UK.

ROCAR Rotherham rear window sticker
ROCAR of Rotherham Rear window sticker

ROCAR of Rotherham

ROCAR of Rotherham was a car dealer that sold Triumph cars in Rotherham. I was sent this image of a window sticker by Steve28 on the Club Triumph forum.

Steve28 told me:
its called the mushroom garage and has always had a car on top, 2 of my cars came from there when new,
they change the car every so often on top, the cars i remember up there are a rover p6, rover sd1 and various honda's over the years, i have heard that the 1st one up there was a vauxhall.
I also found these badges online.

ROCAR Rotherham badges
ROCAR Rotherham badges

The Mushroom garage Rotherham
The Mushroom garage Rotherham
This is an image from the OldRotherham website. I believe this is taken much later on when the garage was selling Honda cars.

Central Motors Works Limited

Central Motors Works Limited are listed as far back as 1955 at which time they were an area dealer. I have found reference to Central Motors Works Limited in 1924 in the Commercial  Motor archive "Rotherham Watch Committee recommends the purchase from the Central Motor Works Ltd, of a trailer pump at a cost of £450."

Triumph car dealers in Rotherham

In 1968 Central Motors Works Limited of 128 Wellgate and  Hawleys (Tyre Services) Limited of 46 Cranklow Road are both listed as Triumph car dealers in Rotherham.

In 1974 Triumph Sales and Service directory there is listed a dealer called Crabtree and Nicol (Rotherham) Ltd, Mushroom Garage.

It appears from Companies House records that Crabtree and Nicol (Rotherham) Limited (Company No. 00854964 incorporated 22/07/1965) changed its name to ROCAR (Rotherham) Limited with effect from 31-12-1977. Another earlier company also called Crabtree and Nicol (Rotherham) Limited were dealing in Rover cars in 1961 at the Mushroom garage address.
Crabtree & Nicol advert from Sheffield Spectator August 1966
Crabtree & Nicol advert from Sheffield Spectator August 1966
Crabtree & Nicol (Rotherham) Ltd were a part of the Crabree & Nicol group that branches in several places.

Rocar (Rotherham) Ltd, Mushroom Garage, Doncaster Road, S65 2UG were still trading as Austin Rover dealers in March 1988.

Plea for information

If you have any more information or recollections about these Triumph garages in Rotherham, photos of window stickers, dealer badges or sill plates etc please let me know. I can be contacted via the comments to this post or on facebook at

Further information and sources

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I have a collection of Standard Triumph car dealer directories:
If you have any more information about this garage or other Triumph garages, photos of window stickers or sill plates etc please let me know.
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