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Car Park Garage Ltd, Melton Motors and Colmore Depot of Leicester - Triumph Car Dealers 17C

Here is another short article about Triumph dealers in Leicester. This is number 17C in my series of blog posts about Triumph car dealers.

Car Park Garage Ltd

Car Park Garage Limited
Built into a multi storey carpark on Lee Circle Leicester Car Park Garage Ltd are listed as a Triumph car dealer in 1955 until 1972. In 1955 they are listed as being at Byron Street. Other brands were sold and serviced from the premises over the years. In 1966 they were selling Jaguar cars.

Commercial Motor 29 October 1948 reported.

"The Car Park Garage Ltd., Lee Street Car Park, Byron Street, Leicester. Telephone: Leicester 23635. Twentyfour-hour service for practically all needs. Stock of Albion spares, and general stores. Large enclosed park under, constant supervision."

Car Park Garage Ltd sill plate
Car Park Garage Ltd sill plate
This sill plate is fixed to Triumph Spitfire owned by Roy Newitt. He believes that his car was the first Spitfire sold in Leicester.
Triumph Spitfire owned by Roy Newitt.
Car Park Garage of Leicester advert from 1963
Car Park Garage of Leicester advert from 1963

Melton Motors

Melton Motors, Melton Road, Leicester

The only record I have found to date about Melton Motors is a report in the Standard Triumph Review from August 1966.

"The forecourt staff at Melton Motors, Standard-Triumph dealers in Leicester, were not discouraged when the vehicle bringing guests to the official opening in June did not require oil,petrol or air. They did, however, supply water to the thirsty horses which had pulled the 1870 London horse bus from Leicester Station to the Melton Road site. Melton Motors is part of the Victor Britain Group, and the new garage and filling station was officially opened by the Earl of Lanesborough, Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire."

A notice of a meeting to report on process of the liquidator appointed to Melton Motor Holdings Limited was published in the London Gazette dated 30 December 1969. The company does not feature in any of the directories I have.

Colmore Depot

Before the second world war in 1939 Colmore Depot were selling Triumph cars from a garage at Frog Island. Colmore Depot are listed in April 1951 as being at178 Belgrave Gate but by October 1955 are no longer listed.

Dealers address info

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Plea for information

If you have any more information or recollections about this garage, photos of window stickers, dealer badges or sill plates etc please let me know. I can be contacted via the comments to this post or on facebook at

Further information and sources

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You can download a copy of the Triumph Sales and Service Directory 1968-69 which started me off on the search for info about Triumph car dealers.

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Picture credits: Car Park Garage Ltd sill plate + Triumph Spitfire images by Roy Newitt;  Car Park Garage of Leicester advert from 1963 shared by Jonathon Callow on facebook.

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