Friday, November 17, 2017

Reg Horsley of Leeds - Triumph Car Dealers 35A

Reg Horsley of Leeds Triumph Gloria advert 1935
Reg Horsley of Leeds Triumph Gloria advert 1935
Reg Horsley were the distributor for Triumph cars in Leeds and district at the time of this advert in March 1935. The firm had premises at 72 Albion Street, Leeds. Triumph Gloria again wins the Monte Carlo Rally the advert claims.

In the 1920's it is said that the firm had a bicycle and motor bike shop at 3 and 5 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds.
1-15 Woodhouse Lane photo from
Details of other Triumph and Standard dealers in Leeds can be found in my earlier article about Arnold Wilson Ltd.

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If you have any more information or recollections about Reg Horsley of Leeds business or other Standard or Triumph car dealers in Leeds please get in touch. I would like to see any photos you may have. I can be contacted via the comments to this post or on facebook at:

Further information and sources

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Picture credits: Triumph Gloria advert posted by James Rose on flickr;1-15 Woodhouse Lane photo from
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