Friday, December 28, 2012

Electrical work and more heater

Battery spec

Stripped out parts of the centre console to access the lighting rheostat. Earlier had established that several of the lighting bulbs were OK by removing them and testing them a battery charger. It all came apart easily. Also found that the 2 outer heater levers were not connected to the controls - reconnected them.

On trying to start the engine/test the heater nothing happened - battery completely flat. Off to Halfords to get a new one, they have nothing suitable. Home to do some research, Beans on the Club Triumph forum came back very quick with a suggestion of what battery to use. Unfortunately the Bosch S4 023 is not available locally.

Allwoods my local independent car parts place. had an Oldham advanced battery (3 year calcium chemistry) for £47.99. Apparently the same size as a classic mini and getting difficult to source - several makers no longer produce to that spec - I was told.

Alternative battery size 015, 038 

Will take some pictures of the dissection tomorrow.

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