Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sprint - work in progress

Got down to making the TR7 more comfortable and practical today.

Fitted the new rear view mirrors. The mountings on the doors were not quiet the same as the modern fixings. I left the pedestals in place but had to substitute the part the grub screw holds onto for the new plastic parts that come with the mirrors.

Fitted new the thermostat. Now the radiator hoses stayed cold, ran the engine for 20 minutes and still the Kenlowe did not cut in. The water temp gauge only got to 1/2 way - will see how it goes when I actually drive the car on road. The heater hoses got hot but still very little heat into the cabin. Next will try flushing the heater matrix to see if that improves things. If that fails will have to replace the matrix.

Fitted the Lenham hardtop. Will have to sort out a rear fastening to keep the back down but am sure the hardtop will be warmer and drier than the soft top. Will use a couple of cable ties for now. Several of the studs and poppers on the soft top, along the deck, would not let go, another job to investigate. Tried using a trim removal tool to lift the fastenings open put they would not budge. Wonder how I can do to get them to let go.
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