Saturday, December 29, 2012

heater and heated rear window

The Honeybourne hardtop is now on the car.  Have spent more time getting the interior lighting to work.  Because all the lighting that can be dimmed did not work I started at the lighting rheostat.  All seemed OK there so followed the wiring onto the cigar lighter to find that it was not earthed.  When an earth was fitted to the cigar lighter most of the heater control lighting started to work. Took the bulbs out and cleaner up the connections - now have all 4 heater lights working.  

Then traced the wiring to the switch panel above.

Here again a bit of cleaning up the connections got both lights to work.  With the heater console off it was clear that neither of the outer sliders were properly connected. I hope that may explains the lack of cabin heating because the outer slider turns the heat on and off.

Looking at the heated rear window switch I can not see how the warning light works.  The switch has a plastic panel at the top with the symbol on to, see below. Also looking at the wiring diagram there should there be a heated rear window warning light.  Where is this located on the car?  The switch has a hole in it that would allow a light to be inserted from behind. There is no obvious spare wiring for such a light visible at present as I have yet to take the top off the dashboard.

Triumph TR7 Heated rear window switch
Triumph TR7 Heated rear window switch

.PS On taking the dash top off I was able to retrieve the wiring for the heated rear (demister) window switch.  The wiring loom included the wiring for a demister despite my car being a convertible.  At the rear of the interior I was also able to find the ready fitted demister wiring.

The heated rear window (demister) switch fits straight in. You just have to make a hole for it to look out of the switch panel by carefully cutting out the relevant part of the panel.  The lettering for below the switch should also be there too.

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