Friday, December 14, 2012

TR7 Sprint

Picked up the car yesterday. First stop was at Canley Classics to get some decent convex rear view mirrors. Embarrassingly the car refused to start and was bump started by Dave Pearson and the ANC delivery man - thanks chaps.

The heater does not work('')so I stopped at Leicester Forest services to get warm and had to call for help when the car refused to restart.  Was bump started in the service car park.

Understand that working on the heater is a dashboard out job so it will have wait. Body work is very good and shiny however some other bits need some work.

The fascia lights do not work
the heater does not work
the rev counter jumps and sticks
no tools or handbook
spare tyre looks like the original!
the hood has a couple of tears in it

the door mirrors are flat intend to fit convex ones

other than that it is beautiful!

The car came with a copy of Practical Classics Nov 2000 in which is was featured.
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