Saturday, September 30, 2006

Supply and demand

I have noticed of late an increasing tendancy for the particular bits and pieces I want not to be available. I know that our cars are getting to be less and less used but if this tendancy continues we will not be able to use them even if we want to.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

to Hawes and back

This is what made me drive for more than 5 hours. Am I mad, I don't think so. More eBay treasure. A gearbox for £10.00.
The North York Moors are beautiful just look at this river.
And my car did not miss a beat! The more I use it the better it gets.

Friday, September 15, 2006


I had to move all my stuff out of my old garage before it was demolished and I had a splendid new one built. I have been enjoying the space and left most of the stuff in the cellar. The time has come to move back. The part or tool I want is always in the wrong place or in a box buried under something else.

Having surfed around a bit I found some industrail strength shelving on eBay. It is due to be delivered next week.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Another tank

I took a trip out to Mablethorpe on the Lincs seaside last night. Its an odd place the beach is hidden from the town by huge dunes. Had a fish supper after picking up a Herald estate petrol tank before heading back home.

The roads were a challenge in the dark, with so many farmers harvesting under lights it was tricky to be sure where the road was sometimes. Some of the farming machinery had multiple flood lights which were not dipped for on coming traffic.

Now I wonder if this tank will find its way into the PI fuel system?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I can only assume that the gearbox twisted

Comment from Andre

I can only assume the gearbox twisted and thats why the bell housing
I checked the cover and did not see any impacts.
But maybe I might line the thing with sheet metal :)
I'm going to pick up a 5 Speed, I was going to buy a OD kit, but not now.
I want something I can beat on a little more.

Transmission failure - not mine

I have read a tale on: which reminded of a not dissimilar incident that befell my Vitesse some years ago. So sent poor Andre an email.

Sorry to read of your news.

I had the bell housing fail on my Vitesse at speed some years ago. The gearbox started to come through the transmission tunnel. (Fortunately into the passenger foot well.) I was pushing the car hard at least 4500rpm in overdrive top!

I guess that the bell house broke first which left the gearbox attached to the prop. Being attached to the prop rather than the bell housing the gearbox broke through the tunnel. The continuing motion of the car pulled the prop off the end of the gearbox, the UJ jokes were smashed. There was a hell of a lot of noise. Fortunately the road was empty and I was able to pull the car up straight.

At the time it was a very unusal event for nobody in the West Midland Triumph community in the UK had ever seen such a thing. The recovery driver told me how lucky I was that the prop runs above the chassis at the transmission as he remembered picking up the remains of an old Ford where the prop had dropped and dug into the road!

Take a look at his pictures:

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Yahoo - Triumphcarads

The Yahoo group triumphcarads · Triumph Car Ads nearly closed today. Lucky some kind soul stepped in to be the new moderator.

It exists as a free listing for Triumph cars and parts.

It is a great idea would be a great shame to see it fold.

Use or lose it.