Friday, December 19, 2014

TR7 Daytona replica by Robin Hood Engineering

RS Daytona Spyder, by Robin Hood Engineering, based on Triumph TR7
I had never heard of this car let alone seen one until I happened across a brochure on eBay.   Looks to be a much better kit than the TR40.  Fully built up from £15,000.00 in 1987/88 was big money - wonder if any were actually sold. It is what Robin Hood Engineering made before they moved on to making Lotus 7 type kit. Download the brochure as a PDF.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

TR7 brochures

Just picked up 3 different TR7 brochures.

Triumph TR7 brochure front cover

It never ceases to surprise the stuff that is still out there waiting to be rehomed.  The brochures include some great period pictures and graphics.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Triumph Enthusiasts Club Belgium

The Triumph Enthusiasts Club Belgium are building a new website:  Have you got any Dutch Triumph literature that has already been scanned that they can make available to their members.  They have got some of the English stuff from my website already..

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Newark autojumble

Not many Triumphs at Newark autojumble today. This Herald was for sale.
Wildest car was this 480inch 7.8 litre Gasser a local car.  As normal a lot of motorbike stuff.  Got the nitrile gloves and a small sheet of 0.9 mm alloy I was after.

Friday, July 04, 2014


Standard Pennant
The annual Standard Triumph forum show was at Brooklands for 2014.  What a place never been before, it would have been value for money even without the Triumphs.  The Wellington bomber and Hurricane in one of the hangers were in a stage of being rebuilt so seeing all there insides was very interesting.  I had not realised that 2nd world war planes still had large areas of their bodywork made from coated clothe.

AC Ace
On my way to see the banking I passed this car.  An AC Ace built at Brooklands. That banking is very steep.
There was a good turnout of cars. Including a some of the less often seen oldies.
Triumph Renown

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Its covered

Fitted my new Specialised Covers Stormshield cover over my TR7 Sprint convertable. Looks to be an excellent product. Fits very well, they made it to fit over my non-standard Honeybourne Mouldings hardtop.

Only problem I can see is that to use the straps that pass under the car I have to lie on the ground to pass the straps under the car.  Car gets new cover and stays snug under its cover but I get wet and or dirty laying on the drive to fit the straps.

There is enough room under the cover for the stubby radio aerial on the rear wing to be folded down.  I was offered the option to have Velcro slot for the aerial to poke throu the cover.  I like the contrast colour for the door mirror pockets.

PS This blog features on the Club Triumph website along with many other Triumph blogs.  I got a helpful suggestion from there - use an extending metal measuring tape under the the car to pull the strap from one side to the other.