Saturday, December 29, 2012

heater and heated rear window

The Honeybourne hardtop is now on the car.  Have spent more time getting the interior lighting to work.  Because all the lighting that can be dimmed did not work I started at the lighting rheostat.  All seemed OK there so followed the wiring onto the cigar lighter to find that it was not earthed.  When an earth was fitted to the cigar lighter most of the heater control lighting started to work. Took the bulbs out and cleaner up the connections - now have all 4 heater lights working.  

Then traced the wiring to the switch panel above.

Here again a bit of cleaning up the connections got both lights to work.  With the heater console off it was clear that neither of the outer sliders were properly connected. I hope that may explains the lack of cabin heating because the outer slider turns the heat on and off.

Looking at the heated rear window switch I can not see how the warning light works.  The switch has a plastic panel at the top with the symbol on to, see below. Also looking at the wiring diagram there should there be a heated rear window warning light.  Where is this located on the car?  The switch has a hole in it that would allow a light to be inserted from behind. There is no obvious spare wiring for such a light visible at present as I have yet to take the top off the dashboard.

Triumph TR7 Heated rear window switch
Triumph TR7 Heated rear window switch

.PS On taking the dash top off I was able to retrieve the wiring for the heated rear (demister) window switch.  The wiring loom included the wiring for a demister despite my car being a convertible.  At the rear of the interior I was also able to find the ready fitted demister wiring.

The heated rear window (demister) switch fits straight in. You just have to make a hole for it to look out of the switch panel by carefully cutting out the relevant part of the panel.  The lettering for below the switch should also be there too.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Electrical work and more heater

Battery spec

Stripped out parts of the centre console to access the lighting rheostat. Earlier had established that several of the lighting bulbs were OK by removing them and testing them a battery charger. It all came apart easily. Also found that the 2 outer heater levers were not connected to the controls - reconnected them.

On trying to start the engine/test the heater nothing happened - battery completely flat. Off to Halfords to get a new one, they have nothing suitable. Home to do some research, Beans on the Club Triumph forum came back very quick with a suggestion of what battery to use. Unfortunately the Bosch S4 023 is not available locally.

Allwoods my local independent car parts place. had an Oldham advanced battery (3 year calcium chemistry) for £47.99. Apparently the same size as a classic mini and getting difficult to source - several makers no longer produce to that spec - I was told.

Alternative battery size 015, 038 

Will take some pictures of the dissection tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lenham (actually Honeybourne) Hardtop refurb starts

Time to start thinking about the hardtop refurb. Needs to replace the crazed perspex rear window with the heated glass one I have. Not sure how to hide the heater element wiring at this stage.

The hardtop has these fastening on each side which I will tie down to the drop top iron work with cable ties.

The roof has an interior light fitted centrally above the rear window. I just need to link the wiring from the roof into the existing circuit.

Got this diagram from Maxwell on the TR7/8 forum so now have idea of how the missing hardtop fixing should look.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sprint - work in progress

Got down to making the TR7 more comfortable and practical today.

Fitted the new rear view mirrors. The mountings on the doors were not quiet the same as the modern fixings. I left the pedestals in place but had to substitute the part the grub screw holds onto for the new plastic parts that come with the mirrors.

Fitted new the thermostat. Now the radiator hoses stayed cold, ran the engine for 20 minutes and still the Kenlowe did not cut in. The water temp gauge only got to 1/2 way - will see how it goes when I actually drive the car on road. The heater hoses got hot but still very little heat into the cabin. Next will try flushing the heater matrix to see if that improves things. If that fails will have to replace the matrix.

Fitted the Lenham hardtop. Will have to sort out a rear fastening to keep the back down but am sure the hardtop will be warmer and drier than the soft top. Will use a couple of cable ties for now. Several of the studs and poppers on the soft top, along the deck, would not let go, another job to investigate. Tried using a trim removal tool to lift the fastenings open put they would not budge. Wonder how I can do to get them to let go.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sprint heater

Had the engine running for over 15 minutes today, wanted to check that the Kenlowe cut in. Seems like the thermostat is stuck open because both the top and bottom radiator hoses were warm to touch and the fan never came on. The temp gauge never got much past 1/3. If fitting a new themostat warms things up I will be happy.

PS The new thermostat and gasket arrived over night from S&S Preparations - great service. No Xmas delay in the post from Bacup to Newark.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lenham hardtop

Went to Preston to pick this Lenham hardtop up yesterday. Other than the back window it is in good nick. At less than £200.00 a bargain. Should make winter motoring in the TR7 Sprint more comfortable. Just need to work out how to fix the back end to the car.

The rear window is the same as on the DHC TR7 so that is another thing to pick up from S&S Preparations.

Turns out this actually a Honeybourne Moulding top not a Lenham.

Friday, December 14, 2012

TR7 Sprint

Picked up the car yesterday. First stop was at Canley Classics to get some decent convex rear view mirrors. Embarrassingly the car refused to start and was bump started by Dave Pearson and the ANC delivery man - thanks chaps.

The heater does not work('')so I stopped at Leicester Forest services to get warm and had to call for help when the car refused to restart.  Was bump started in the service car park.

Understand that working on the heater is a dashboard out job so it will have wait. Body work is very good and shiny however some other bits need some work.

The fascia lights do not work
the heater does not work
the rev counter jumps and sticks
no tools or handbook
spare tyre looks like the original!
the hood has a couple of tears in it

the door mirrors are flat intend to fit convex ones

other than that it is beautiful!

The car came with a copy of Practical Classics Nov 2000 in which is was featured.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Spitfire bits needed

I am a student on the Leeds City College classic car course.  One of the cars I will working on is Spitfire.  The car is incomplete - no interior stuff.  Some repairs have been done but before we can build up a rolling chassis we need some parts. Here is a provisional list.

1*Dolomite Sprint alloy
Other interior such as carpets, dashboard.

Has anybody got a free wreck we can strip out the interior out from.
Would be great if a local business could help out.  Will ask the Spitfire Graveyard and Yorkshire Triumphs

Read more about the course here

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spitfire looking for love

I have just finished my first week at Leeds City College as a student on their Classic Car Restoration course - great fun with an interesting group of students.

Amongst the many cars for us students to work on is Triumph Spitfire. These 2 images taken on my phone do not show how crusty it really is. Will try to get some better pictures later.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Standard Vanguard I Spare Parts Catalogue - engine only

Here is another old manual from Dirk. Dirk has a Triumph Renown and a Roadster so being interested in the Vanguard engine has scanned the engine part of the manual only for now. He told me that he could also scan the reminder of the catalogue if anybody is interested but that it would take him sometime.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Triumph Renown Owners Handbook

Thanks to Dirk from the club Triumph forum for coming up with this manual for the Triumph Renown. I have a few more from him that I will uploading soon.