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Standard Eight Servicing 1939 Motor Trader 68

Here is another Motor Trader service information data sheet.  This one is for the Standard Eight from 1939 and was originally published way back in July 1939.

You can see a preview below. Click the link to download a copy.

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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Empire Garage (Grantham) Ltd of Grantham - Triumph car dealer 41A

Empire Garage (Grantham) Ltd

Empire Garage truck outside its premises on Brook Street in 1956. From Sam Ballaam
Empire Garage truck outside its premises on Brook Street in 1956. From Sam Ballaam
Empire Garage (Grantham) Ltd, Brook Street, Grantham are listed in directories for October 1955, 1959 and August 1961.  The company Empire Garage (Grantham) Ltd was dissolved 13 June 1978 according to an advert in the London Gazette.
Empire Garage (Grantham) Ltd, Brook Street, Grantham
Empire Garage (Grantham) Ltd, Brook Street

Thanks to the Grantham Journal for the following information.  The Empire Garage was built on Brook Street, Grantham, by Lou Musson in 1952. One of the buildings that made way for the garage was the old gymnasium which had various uses in its time including a theatre and a seed warehouse.

The Empire Garage was an agent for Ford, Standard and Triumph cars and also sold used cars.

It was later for years known as the Blue Star Garage before it was taken over by Safe Petroleum. It remained as a garage until the new millennium when it was bought by King’s School.

Plea for information

Have you got information or recollections about any Standard or Triumph garages based in Grantham, Lincs UK? I am looking for photos of window stickers, dealer badges or sill plates etc.  I can be contacted via the comments to this post or on facebook at

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Picture credits: Empire Garage truck outside its premises on Brook Street in 1956 - from Sam Ballaam; Empire Garage (Grantham) Ltd, Brook Street photo from Grantham Journal;

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Triumph Car Dealer new year 2018 update

What a great year 2017 was. This blog has averaged over 3000 visits a month. The most popular post Triumph dealer posts now attract at least 500 visitors. H A Browett of Leicester with 897 visits is at this point the most popular Triumph dealer blog post.

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My facebook page now has 470 likes which is good for such a niche subject.

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To everybody for your contributions and comments.