Sunday, November 10, 2013

TR7 Strut braces

A recent exchange on the Club Triumph forum lead to me having a look into TR7 strut braces.  I have seen them for sale on eBay and some traders such as S & S Preparations and Robsport sometimes have used ones for sale.
Triumph TR7 strut brace made by Andy Healey
 Made by Andy Healey
TS Imported Automotive Triumph TR8 Srut brace
Seen (10-11-2013) this on a USA trader site

The Wedge Shop another USA based trader stock this interesting looking version (10-11-2013).

Demon Tweaks used to sell a TR7 strut brace but it appears that it currently listed as NLA no longer available.  Beans has one fitted to his car.

Beans TR7 strut brace 05/2010
Interesting threads:,brace

Struct brace in Triumph TR7 Sprint.
Struct brace in Triumph TR7 Sprint.

TR7 V8 Strut brace - Christoper Kenneth Smith - V8

Christopher Kenneth SMITH on the TR Register has the above fitted to his TR7 V8.

John Walsh fabricated a very comprehensive brace in his 1981 Buick V6 engined car.

John Walsh TR7 Buick V6 Struct brace

01 December 2015 -
From a very modified car built in the USA comes this strut brace.

20 July 2016 -
A modified Sprint engined car in the Queensland Australia owned by Matthew Taylor, showing the shiny brace. One from a small batch made in Sydney.

This one is based on a VW Golf GTI strut brace.
John Metcalfe VW Golf GTi strut
John Metcalfe VW Golf GTi strut