Wednesday, November 22, 2006

most excellent resource

I had read that the Triumph 2000/2500/2.5PI Register service notes were recommended for triumphists with PI.
Having bought them I reckon that it was money well spent. They are full tips gathered over the years by club members.
In case you can not read the above here is what it says.

The long-awaited second volume of our invaluable guide to maintenance and problem solving from the pages of “SIXappeal” 1993 to 2001. Written by our experts and members. Price £12.50 plus £4.00 p&p (UK).

Still in demand this is the original volume covering the technical bits of “SIXappeal” 1981 to 1992. Price held at £20.00 plus £4.50 p&p (UK).
SPECIAL OFFER - while stocks last
Buy both volumes of Service Notes for only £30.00 plus £7.00 p&p (UK).

You can save the postage if you buy them at a show. I got mine at the NEC classic last month.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Heated screens 2

Have you noticed this recent exchange on the messageboard started by Jason Green.§ion=general&topic=20061109202455447697795

Looking back at March 2006 copy the TSSC mag Courier I read a letter about getting heated screens made by midlands based company called Uroglas.

The letter invited readers to telephone a chap. What happened next? Did he get any screens made up?

Have tried to contact him by private message via the TSSC board I will report back he later.

A real new post - new style blog -

So what is so good about this new style Blog? It just seems to have republished all my old posts. So if like me you have some software to track new posts you will have got a surprise recently.

I use a Blog roll from Blogarithm which mails me daily with headlines from the Blogs I am watching - a neat trick.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Heated screens

A fellow Triumph Sports Six Club member has posted this on their messageboard.

Heated Screens, anyone? Posted By : Jason Green, 09-Nov-2006, 08:24pm
If any one is interested in a heated screen, please register your interest here.
Current project is for heated front and rear screens for the Herald/Vitesse and heated rear screens for the GT6.
All screens are laminated.
The minimum production run is 15. So when we reach 15 names for each type I'll contact all by PM to confirm.
Prices are from £140 for the front, £120 for the GT6 rear screen and £140 for the Herald/Vitesse rear, all subject to VAT.
I'd like a Vitesse front.
Next, please.
I would like 1 front screen and 1 rear screen for my Vitesse. If you are interested you can either visit the TSSC messageboard or contact me and will pass your message to Jason.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Break in part 4

I made a start with buying tools at the NEC classic on Friday. There were lots to choose from but unfortunately alot of junk on view.

Am getting the house alarm extended to include the garage. Will need a radio link as the garage is at the bottom of the garden not attached to the house. The existing alarm only sounds at the garage and did not stop the theives.

Most of the stuff that was nicked was covered by the insurance pay out. Annoyingly no cover for expensive Millers synthetic oil that I had not got round to putting in the car. No spare parts stolen which is good because the house contents would not cover that either.

Seems to me that classic car owners need insurance that covers spare parts and stuff like oil as well as tools. Must check it out next time the renewal comes up.