Friday, November 10, 2006

Heated screens

A fellow Triumph Sports Six Club member has posted this on their messageboard.

Heated Screens, anyone? Posted By : Jason Green, 09-Nov-2006, 08:24pm
If any one is interested in a heated screen, please register your interest here.
Current project is for heated front and rear screens for the Herald/Vitesse and heated rear screens for the GT6.
All screens are laminated.
The minimum production run is 15. So when we reach 15 names for each type I'll contact all by PM to confirm.
Prices are from £140 for the front, £120 for the GT6 rear screen and £140 for the Herald/Vitesse rear, all subject to VAT.
I'd like a Vitesse front.
Next, please.
I would like 1 front screen and 1 rear screen for my Vitesse. If you are interested you can either visit the TSSC messageboard or contact me and will pass your message to Jason.
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