Friday, November 23, 2007

revised G Thomas tuning manual

Did you spot that small ad in the TSSC magazine the Courier, well I am glad I did.

I have just got my copy of the revised Tuning Manual from G Thomas, direct by airmail from Estonia. The post team at work used to cars parts turning up every now and then were impressed by the many stamps on the parcel.

It now has colour pictures and much revised text. The first impression on opening the parcel was disappointment it looks just like the original - bright yellow.

From my initial reading it looks like it will be a jolly good read. More info avaiable via his website:

Saturday, November 10, 2007

J -type Overdrive - to be sorted + NEC show

I have been driving with a overdrive that stops working as the car warms up. Have done the easy checks - the oil level is fine. Had resigned myself to spending quite a bit of money on a recon. Well on my way to the NEC show I dropped in at Canley Classics and Dave Pearson talked me into a money saving idea - just try fitting a new solenoid. Great idea if it works and even it does not the money will not have been wasted as a new solenoid would be a part of a recon job on the whole unit.

And so onto the NEC. Friday is more expensive that Saturday and Sunday plus it much easier to see the cars. As always my Vitesse was one of very few classics in the car park. I wonder how many of the crowds at the show actually ever drive their classics or do they even have a classic back home at all.

Here are some pictures.