Friday, March 30, 2007

It is a small world

The Triumph world is full of all sorts of people. I spend time on some Triumph messageboards and forums. It is always good to be recognised in real life - although more often than not it my Vitesse that is noticed rather than me.

After the Retro Race show my car got a mention on the club triumph forum and now I have noticed a picture on the KD Triumph Blog of Karl Dandridge. And yes I must admit that my Vitesse does have excellent fascia air vents thanks to Karl.

I must try harder to recognise/meet the people behind the cars/messages.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Race Retro 2007

Great day out. Lots of historic and classic cars and that was just in the carpark. Parked behind me was this 4.2 Rover V8 powered big saloon. Saved £5.00 parking by arriving in my Vitesse.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wyl assists in disposal of a dead body

We used my Vitesse to tow my other halfs dead little Renault 5 out of the yard for Tommy Croyden and daughter "the wrecker" to take it away. The 5 had stood awhile and one of the tyres was almost completely flat, so I had to pull pretty hard to get the thing to start moving - a little slipping the clutch was needed to start. Used a tow rope on the Vitesse tow bar. No real problem doing the job the Vitesse has alot of low down grunt. I wonder how many Triumphs get used for towing.