Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lucas Petrol Injection Service bulletins - part 2

These bulletins were originally sent out by Lucas to assist the motor trade with servicing the Lucas mechnical petrol system that was fitted to Triumph cars. Well at last I have got around to finishing off the digitizing of these Lucas Petrol Injection Service Bulletins. I had been promised some of the missing items, I only have numbers 2,7,8,9 and 10. These are the front pages. You may have seen some of the material before however some of the material is new to me. These are the front pages.

You can download the full bulletins in pdf format by clicking on the link under each picture.

Lucas Petrol Injection Service Bulletin SB-FS-02

Lucas Petrol Injection Service Bulletin SB-FS-07

Lucas Petrol Injection Service Bulletin SB-FS-08

Lucas Petrol Injection Service Bulletin SB-FS-09

Lucas Petrol Injection Service Bulletin SB-FS-10

If you have any of the missing bulletins please let me know.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Motor Trader extracts for Triumph cars

Dion a fellow Club Triumph forum member recently sent me scanned copies of several articles from Motor Trader:
Originally published in the weekly trade paper these article should prove both useful and interesting to enthusiasts today..

I will adding them to website in the future. In the meantime copies can be downloaded from here by clicking on the model you want.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Triumphs at Coventry Transport Museum

Standard from 1907
Normally I drive straight past on my way somewhere else but recently I decided to stop off in Coventry. I had lunch and visited the Transport Museum.  It is well worth a detour. The impressive 1907 Standard is one of the first things you see on entering the galleries. Later I spotted several Triumphs. A Vitesse Mk2 saloon, a Spitfire + these 3. 

Triumph  Police car

Standard Atlas Van part converted into motor caravan.

Triumph TR7 hardtop
And now for something completely different.  A racing tandem trike. This machine held a world record - the least time to cover 100 miles.

Never seen this Ferguson car before.