Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dig out those parts

Meet up with a couple of fairly local Triump folk and their cars at the Cadwell race meeting.

Unfortunately my camera battery was out of power so have borrowed these pictures from the TSSC website.
Agreed to sort out some Herald bits and pieces I have aquired and pass em on to Andrew.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cadwell Park 2007

The rain held off all day.

Had got so used to the bad weather that had taken rain proof jacket but no sun cream or hat - a typical English summer day!

If there had been a price on this car, which was for sale, I think we would have bought. It won its races and my better half Jan was well smitten.

Most of the races were MG races but the 1st and last races featured Triumphs. The last race was an all comers race with an amazingly wide field which included 3 TVRs, Caterham R400 which won very easilly and three Triumphs. Unfortunately this Vitesse estate failed to finish.

More details of the TSSC race series is available at: tssc triumphracing_news or at: http://www.racing-triumphs.co.uk/