Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bourne Classic Car Show 2015

Bourne in Lincolnshire is a small market town and the home of ERA, BRM and then Pilbeam.  The annual show is free and always has an interesting selection of cars and motorbikes.

Ford V4 engined Mini
Rover V8 engined Morris 8
BRM designed and built F1 racing car.  BRM engine, chassis and gearbox.

Monday, June 15, 2015

TR7 mystery parts

I recently picked a load of Triumph TR7 spares parts.  Amongst the many parts are several I do not recognize. The top right object is made of hard black plastic whereas the other three are metal.  What are they?

OK and the answer is:
 The 2 pieces on the left are spring retainer clips for the front brake pads. The one at lower right appears to be a mounting cone for the MacPherson strut. It goes in just under the strut top mount.

 The two on the left are front brake pad retaining clips/springs
Top right is the bumpstop for the propshaft (UKC826
Bottom right is the top front suspension mounting cone (ULC2435)

2 answers from helpful chaps on facebook and the club triumph forum.