Thursday, January 23, 2014

Its covered

Fitted my new Specialised Covers Stormshield cover over my TR7 Sprint convertable. Looks to be an excellent product. Fits very well, they made it to fit over my non-standard Honeybourne Mouldings hardtop.

Only problem I can see is that to use the straps that pass under the car I have to lie on the ground to pass the straps under the car.  Car gets new cover and stays snug under its cover but I get wet and or dirty laying on the drive to fit the straps.

There is enough room under the cover for the stubby radio aerial on the rear wing to be folded down.  I was offered the option to have Velcro slot for the aerial to poke throu the cover.  I like the contrast colour for the door mirror pockets.

PS This blog features on the Club Triumph website along with many other Triumph blogs.  I got a helpful suggestion from there - use an extending metal measuring tape under the the car to pull the strap from one side to the other.