Thursday, October 26, 2006

Break in - part 3

Good news. Had a telephone conversation with the insurers and have agreed a sum of money with them. My cheque is in the post, so can look for replacement tools at the NEC tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

two blondes

The two blondes in my live. Gloria is the big loud hen on the left and Dolly is rather more quiet. Both named after Triumphs. So you thought naming cars was silly!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Break in - Part 2

In order to nick my stuff the garage door was forced open. I told the insurer this and guess what they send a fitter round who looks at the door and tells me it needs replacing or mending. I already knew that I had told the insurer what had happened and thought that they had arranged for somebody to come and fix it. Lucky I had not taken any more time off work for this episode, but will have when the door is fixed. I did spend most of this morning waiting for this news - not a good use of my precious weekend time.

Just like having your car breakdown when the first bloke turns up and says yes your car in broke will get it recovered and you then have to hang around again waiting to be recovered.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bling bits

I want the 2.5PI engine I am building to look good as well. Found these on sale on eBay from a chap who does lots other shiny bits.

Must make a list

Do you know what is in your garage? Having recently suffered a breakin and having to tell the insurer what is missing I realize how much stuff I had. I intend to make a list of all my tools and parts so I actually know what I have got. At least that is what I thinking today.

Guess when I get down to sorting through the contents I may have second thoughts or stop when the list gets too long and the amount of time and money I have spent collecting all the stuff becomes apparent.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Break in

Last night my garage was broken into. Fortunately no damage to my car but lots of tools have been nicked.

The police are sympathetic but I have no expectation of getting any thing back. Hope the insurance covers it.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kas Kastner - his latest book

I wonder who will be stocking "Racing, Winning and Other Myths in Triumph Cars" the latest book from Kas Kastner?

If it is anything like his other books it will be a good read.

I would like to get an autographed copy so hope to hear about somebody importing copies sometime this month.

POSTSCRIPT added Tuesday 17th - Looks like neither jason chinn or Canleyclassics will be importing this time - so have ordered direct and paid by PayPal - easy job done.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

still a bargain

With all my other insurance policies costing more each year I wondered what was in store for the car this year. No worries. Last year my insurance cost £122.00. This year £124.35 a bargain from Footman James courtesy of TSSC

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Practical Performance Car

I was complaining about supply and demand the other day. Well at last a result on one front.

I took out a subscription to Practical Performance Car some months ago at the Newark Kit Car Show. There was a special offer of 5litres of Millers motor oil free - it turned up today at work.

I asked for Millers Sport 20w50 semi synthetic classic oil. I have been sent CFS 10w60 which is a far more expensive fully synthetic racing oil.

Not being sure it was appropriate for my Triumph Vitesse engine I asked a question on a couple of messageboards. "Anybody know if such high tech stuff will be OK for use in my road car which gets some hard use but is no racing car?"

Within hours the replies came back from Club Triumph Forum. Brillant!

Probably the perfect engine oil for ANY of our engines. Slap it in and enjoy!
"if you are offended in any way by my opinion, please add a pinch of salt"Too young to die old the BROKEN Beast!

Use it Steve. It's coming up to winter and that lower rating means your poor old starter isn't going to struggle against that glue called 20 weight mineral oil that will form on a frosty morn. Oil technology has moved on considerably we should all be taking advantage of it. I have used 5-40 for the past 15 odd years in my motors, and they all do big/hard miles, no problems to report.

Thank you all gentlemen. I am reassured. At more than £40.00 for 5 litres it could be the start of an expensive habit - but I love my engine. On second thoughts it must be cheaper than a rebulid and if as Dave says I do 20000miles on it that is about the same as 4 normal changes. So I will spend less on oil as well!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Asda at Tunstall

Having picked yet another eBay bargain in Tunstall Staffordshire I was looking out for a chip shop but found ASDA first. It made my day to come back to my Vitesse and find it surrounded by an admirring crowd. You don't see many of these cars nowadays; I had one of those years ago; you lucky so and so my wife makes me drive a modern etc.