Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

TR7 Strut braces

A recent exchange on the Club Triumph forum lead to me having a look into TR7 strut braces.  I have seen them for sale on eBay and some traders such as S & S Preparations and Robsport sometimes have used ones for sale.
Triumph TR7 strut brace made by Andy Healey
 Made by Andy Healey
TS Imported Automotive Triumph TR8 Srut brace
Seen (10-11-2013) this on a USA trader site

The Wedge Shop another USA based trader stock this interesting looking version (10-11-2013).

Demon Tweaks used to sell a TR7 strut brace but it appears that it currently listed as NLA no longer available.  Beans has one fitted to his car.

Beans TR7 strut brace 05/2010
Interesting threads:,brace

Struct brace in Triumph TR7 Sprint.
Struct brace in Triumph TR7 Sprint.

TR7 V8 Strut brace - Christoper Kenneth Smith - V8

Christopher Kenneth SMITH on the TR Register has the above fitted to his TR7 V8.

John Walsh fabricated a very comprehensive brace in his 1981 Buick V6 engined car.

John Walsh TR7 Buick V6 Struct brace

01 December 2015 -
From a very modified car built in the USA comes this strut brace.

20 July 2016 -
A modified Sprint engined car in the Queensland Australia owned by Matthew Taylor, showing the shiny brace. One from a small batch made in Sydney.

This one is based on a VW Golf GTI strut brace.
John Metcalfe VW Golf GTi strut
John Metcalfe VW Golf GTi strut

Saturday, April 20, 2013

TR7 Sprint heater hose

TR7 Sprint heater hose

My TR7 Sprint has its heater attached to the engine via some custom plumbing. Here is a picture of the hoses that link the pipes thru the bulkhead to the custom pipe work. Do these look like the normal heater hoses? Are they available separately? I wonder how much are they?

I have tried using lengths of straight rubber but that does not work as the ends to be linked are not inline and there is it not enough room to use a curved straight piece, so I need a hose that is curved as shown in the photo.

They connect to the steel heater pipes that come throu the bulkhead at one end. At the other end having passed to the inlet manifold side of the engine they connect to more metal pipework that in turn connects to the manifold etc. Here are some more pictures to show the detail.

I suppose I may end having to fit a Sprint adapter plate. I want the car back on the road so have refitted the old hoses for now.

Here is a picture of a Dolomite Sprint engine (thanks Beans Seems this the basis of the heating plumbing on my engine.

Triumph Dolomite Sprint engine - showing heater hoses etc
Triumph Dolomite Sprint engine - showing heater hoses etc

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Swapping out the heater and mystery wiring

TR7 dashboard area showing interior with heater out
TR7 dashboard area showing interior with heater out
This morning I got the heater out.  A quick call to Rick at S&S Preparations showed that I had missed a couple of fastening that go throu the bulkhead.  To be fair they were covered in a layer black stoneguard so were not easy to see.

Getting to the heater box has meant taking all the fascia out.  To get the fascia out had remove the lots of other stuff/trim: the a-post covers, the switch panel, the gear lever console, the steering wheel, the instrument panel, the drivers seat. As my car had various extra had to disconnect the radiator fan override, some of the radio wiring, disconnect the oil pressure gauge from the bottom of the fascia.

Hidden ignition switch and green radiator fan over-ride switch
Hidden ignition switch and green radiator fan over-ride switch
Whilst the car is in this state I will able to investigate the mystery extra wiring.  There is a hidden key/ignition switch which is wired into the ignition loom - trouble is I do not have the key - the switch was well hidden I only found it when I was in the footwell looking up.  The flick switch to the left of the steering is still a mystery - it is linked into the radio wiring - which is a really complex bunch of colored wires - think I will leave that alone as it works.  Intend to add a proper separate earth for the radio rather than continue to relay on it being lopped into the earth on the back of the rheostat.

oil pressure gauge and mystery switch no2
oil pressure gauge and mystery switch no2

Monday, April 08, 2013

TR7 Wiper blade fitting

Triumph TR7 wiper blade fitting
Triumph TR7 wiper blade fitting
I need to fit new wiper blades but most traders now only stock click fit style.  As can seen from the picture above the TR7 wiper blades attach via a pin.  The TR specialist I contacted did not have any in stock -  I saw some advertised on eBay which promised to include a fitting kit and were advertised to fit TR7 so I ordered them. Unfortunately the was no fitting kit so still no fix.. Am waiting for the eBay trader to sort it out. Have put up this post so I can refer them to the picture to show them the problem.

Monday, March 11, 2013

More snow

Too cold this morning to drive the still heater-less TR7 so it will have to be the Skoda.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hunter commuter

Most days I seem to be driving the only classic car on the road. Took a detour today and saw this parked up in Leeds.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Stoneleigh Triumph Show

5.7 Supercharged V8 street legal dragster - bet that would be fun in ASDA carpark.

Vauxhall engine in a Herald Coupe built by Karl of KDT Classic & Custom. The car is a real work of art with some brilliant detailing.

I have seen several big saloons with Rover V8 in but never seen this done before. A modern BMW straight 6, was a tight fit mind you.

Rat look Herald coupe, apparently driven up from Brighton.

I think the show might have been quieter than last year but there was a good turn out of traders and many modified cars so I had great time.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Fitting an automatic switch to the radiator fan

Currently my TR7 Sprint has a manual override switch to control the fan mounted fan. I have bought a thermostatic switch control from a MG specialist on eBay. I thought it would be good to try to do the wiring in the style of how Triumph did it. Cars fitted with air-con had thermostatic controlled fans.

I found this circuit diagram on teamnet

Now need to get some wiring and inline fuse - on order from Vehicle Wiring Products my favorite vehicle wiring specialist.

20/04/2013 The thermocouple sensor part seems to be too long. The top radiator hose has a bend in it near the radiator so the sensor needs to be either flexible or shorter max 30mm I think. Alternatively to get the job done will fit into the bottom hose.

Friday, February 01, 2013

simple and cheap fix

It is not pretty but it is effective. Got some j-bolts off eBay the sort used in roofing. 220mm long bolt with the j hooked around the hood frame and the threaded tail poking through the bracket on the Lenham hardtop. That should stop the top lifting at speed.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

agreed value sorted and then locked in

Rather than send photos to get the agreed value insurance confirmed I went to TSSC HQ. Got the car valued and a good long chat. A great drive through snowy east midlands.

On coming home and parking up in the yard I was unable to open the drivers door from inside so had to fold myself out of the passenger side. Not easy as I am 6ft 1in tall and the car is full of bits of trim. Another item for the snagging list.

Was able to open it from outside after a bit of fiddling. Seems like the mechanism probably needs a good clean up and lubricate.

Lubricated the anti burst latch and the door seems to open much easier.