Monday, April 08, 2013

TR7 Wiper blade fitting

Triumph TR7 wiper blade fitting
Triumph TR7 wiper blade fitting
I need to fit new wiper blades but most traders now only stock click fit style.  As can seen from the picture above the TR7 wiper blades attach via a pin.  The TR specialist I contacted did not have any in stock -  I saw some advertised on eBay which promised to include a fitting kit and were advertised to fit TR7 so I ordered them. Unfortunately the was no fitting kit so still no fix.. Am waiting for the eBay trader to sort it out. Have put up this post so I can refer them to the picture to show them the problem.

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stephen weblin said...


I saw your comments on the wiper blades.

Two points to note:-

1) Replacement pins that I have used are to small and the blades fall out when you need them. (I tried adjusting the clips and that still didn't work)

2) As a last resort I went to Halford and purchased some blade refills & fitted them to the original blades which I had kept. They fitted OK and this has solved my problems



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