Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Practical Performance Car

I was complaining about supply and demand the other day. Well at last a result on one front.

I took out a subscription to Practical Performance Car some months ago at the Newark Kit Car Show. There was a special offer of 5litres of Millers motor oil free - it turned up today at work.

I asked for Millers Sport 20w50 semi synthetic classic oil. I have been sent CFS 10w60 which is a far more expensive fully synthetic racing oil.

Not being sure it was appropriate for my Triumph Vitesse engine I asked a question on a couple of messageboards. "Anybody know if such high tech stuff will be OK for use in my road car which gets some hard use but is no racing car?"

Within hours the replies came back from Club Triumph Forum. Brillant!

Probably the perfect engine oil for ANY of our engines. Slap it in and enjoy!
"if you are offended in any way by my opinion, please add a pinch of salt"Too young to die old http://www.crazyspitfire.blogspot.com/ the BROKEN Beast!

Use it Steve. It's coming up to winter and that lower rating means your poor old starter isn't going to struggle against that glue called 20 weight mineral oil that will form on a frosty morn. Oil technology has moved on considerably we should all be taking advantage of it. I have used 5-40 for the past 15 odd years in my motors, and they all do big/hard miles, no problems to report.

Thank you all gentlemen. I am reassured. At more than £40.00 for 5 litres it could be the start of an expensive habit - but I love my engine. On second thoughts it must be cheaper than a rebulid and if as Dave says I do 20000miles on it that is about the same as 4 normal changes. So I will spend less on oil as well!
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