Thursday, December 21, 2006

Break in - Part 6

Yesterday I was called at work and told the replacement door was available. "Can I fit it tomorrow" he says. Thanks to an understanding and flexible employer I was able to work from home today. So here is the latest instalment in the seemingly never ending saga.

The Garage door man has just gone - job nearly complete. Nice new garage door fitted, this time with no external lock that can be vandalised. Strange that I was told originally that I had to have the lock fitted. A roller door with no external fittings should be less tempting to vandals and thieves.

It turns out that the electronic control gear for the door also needs replacing - normally he would have had parts in his van - his van broke down earlier this week so he came in a hire van with no spares.

So this is another chapter in the continuing saga not the finale - to be concluded soon.
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