Thursday, August 16, 2007

Completely tyred

Got the back two done this morning. What a difference turning up first thing on a week day compared with a Saturday morning. No queue so car was sorted quickly. So now have 4 new Vredestein T Trac tyres fitted.

Before buying these tyres I did a little surfiing and found these test results which seem to be all Dutch which I suppose is to be expected for a Dutch tyre maker.

ADAC Motorwelt - 3/2002
Comparative Strengths - Dry Performance
Gute Fahrt - 3/2002
Comparative Strengths - Aquaplaning, Circle Tests
Comparative Weaknesses - Rolling resistance, Comfort
ADAC Motorwelt - 3/2001
Comparative Strengths - Dry Performance
Comparative Weaknesses - Wet Performance, Rolling Resistance

So they should be a good comprimise with strong dry performance possibly at the cost of comfort and economy. I do not drive my Vitesse to save petrol.
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