Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TR7 removable hardtops

I bought a detachable hardtop for my TR7 convertible to make it just a little more practical.

It has done a good job of keeping the rain and snow off me.  It turns out that my hardtop is made by Honeybourne Mouldings rather than Lenham.   Honeybourne hardtops are available new again after the firm reintroduced them.  Apparently the design had to be renewed as the original moulds were no longer up to the job.

Triumph TR7 Honeybourne Moulding hardtop
Honeybourne TR7 hardtop
 The windows are different on a Lenham as shown below.
Lenham hardtop
The rear window in a Lenham is the same size amd shape as in the TR7 fixed head.  Before I realised I had a Honeybourne rather than a Lenham I bought a heated rear windows from a TR7 fixed head as I fancied having a demistable back window.

Both Lenham and Honeybourne hardtops fix to the car in the same way,
Triumph TR7 Honeybourne Moulding hardtop view of undderside
clipping to the header rail at the front and by J bolts to the hood frame near the B post of the car.

Alternative hardtops

A German design.


Lenham hardtop advert
Lenham hardtop advert

DIY Amerian

DIY Amerian hardtop 1

DIY Amerian hardtop 2
A DIY Amerian made hardtop.

Smooth Line

Smooth Line hardtop for Triumph TR7
Smooth Line hardtop
Smooth Line hardtop from USA. Still being made as I write this.

Smooth Line hardtop exterior
Triumph TR 7-8 Hardtop with Haartz Vinyl Exterior view above. Triumph TR 7-8 Hardtop Interior view below.
Smooth Line hardtop interior


SnugTop hardtop 1
The SnugTop design as made in the USA.

SnugTop hardtop 2 for Triumph TR7
SnugTop hardtop 2

Extract from Motor

The 3rd May 1980 edition of Motor magazine contained details of two new accessories for the TR7. A roll over protection bar and a detachable hardtop.

Cover for TR7

QUICK OFF the mark, Lenham have introduced a detachable hard-top for the Triumph TR7 convertible. Made from glass fibre the roof is supplied in black or may be painted to match the car. The tinted rear window has heating elements, the interior is fully lined with cloth and the side windows open The roof can be supplied with a tilt or take-out Amilite sun-roof (as can all Lenham hardtops). Prices with VAT are: £345 and £488.75 with Amilite sunroof. Lenham Motor Co. Limited, 47 West Street, Harrietsham, Kent.
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