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Stanbourne Motor Co Ltd of Bournemouth - Triumph car dealers 21

Article 21 in my series about Triumph car dealers features Stanbourne Motor Co Ltd of Bournemouth
June 1968 advert from a Tom Jones programme
Stanbourne Motor Co Ltd letterehead February 1960
Stanbourne Motor Co Ltd letterehead
Stanbourne Motor Co Ltd of Bournemouth sold and serviced Standard and Triumph cars.

Stanbourne Motor Co Ltd's new stores

This article about Stanbourne Motor Co's new stores first appeared in the Standard Triumph Review January 1959:

The Stanbourne Motor Co., Bournemouth, who for 33 years have been Standard Distributors for West Hants, South Wilts. and the whole of Dorset except Sherbourne, recently opened modern and spacious showrooms which included new Stanpart Spares Stores.

The new Stores are five miles from the old site and the move had to be carefully planned so that it could be completed during one week-end. It is on the first floor and the main part is in a new building which makes them as light and modern as possible. Most of the paintwork is in Standard blue and light grey. Stock control is situated near the counter and is equipped with Carter-Parrett Vistem (a visible index system contained in three files). It is hoped to change over to a system of pre-posting in the near future to further increase the Stores efficiency.
Stanbourne Motor Co Ltd Bournemouth Stock Control
The main Store has a roof mostly of glass. This section houses fast moving items so as to have them as near the counter as possible. The goods inwards bay at the end of this section is equipped with a jib hoist through special full length doors which enable heavy cases coming in to be lifted and drawn right into the bay. Next to this is the goods outwards bay and this joins the original store at this depot where slower moving items are kept. Considerable use is made of Dexion (slotted angle steel).

There is a separate store on the ground floor with easy access for transport. Engines, axles and body parts are kept here and it is equipped with a jack-crane for easy loading and unloading  A stock of upwards of £30,000 is always maintained and is most efficiently controlled by the Vistem system. The Stores are open six days a week.

Stanbourne Motor Co Ltd Bournemouth Stores entrance from showroom
The Warranty Section is also within the Stores and is run by Mr. T. Sinsbury, who is also Deputy Stores Supervisor.

The Store Supervisor is Me. K. Dunning who has been with the Company for many years. He recently attended a course at Coventry with The Standard Motor Co. Ltd. The displays have been designed and made by Mr. J. Orson, a member of the Stores staff. Me. M. Hocking is in charge of the counter staff.

The Stanbourne Motor Co. has three premises in Bournemouth -Showrooms in Old Christchurch Road, a Service Department at Bournemouth East, where the stores were previously located, and their Head Office, Stores and Service Department in Poole Road, half a mile west of the Town Centre.

The joint Managing Directors of the Company are Mr C. Montgomery and Mr. J. G. Tice. The General Manager, Service and Spares, is Me. J. E. Northover, who has been with the Company for nearly 21 years.

 16 Poole Road

Stanbourne Motor Co on 16 Poole Road in 1960
A old view of Stanbourne Motor Co on 16 Poole Road garage dated 11 March 1960, from the collection of Bournemouth Library.

Triumph 2000 Car of the Year  

Triumph 2000 display at Stanbourne Motor Co Ltd
"Car of the Year" was the theme of a showroom display by at 169/171 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth in January 1965.  The Triumph 2000 was chosen as the centrepiece of the display, and here it is seen in a most pleasing setting and surrounded by reminders of the model's successes.

The launch of the Triumph 1300

Centrepiece of the Triumph 1300 announcement display was not only a shining white 1300 but also a striking publicity poster special!y prepared for the display. This (as shown) featured the 1300 against a "plush" red background and carried the announcement "The Star of the Show at Earls Court". This display unit had been manufactured for the company's Motor Show display in October 1965, but Stanbourne managed to get two bites at the cherry by repeating the display in the spring of 1966.

Show and Service Weeks

Week long Show and Service Week promotions by the firm assisted by staff from Standard Triumph HQ took place during 31st May to 4th June 1965 at 169/171 Old Christchurch Road and again from the 22th to 27th January 1967 at their 16-18 Poole Road premises.

Triumph car dealers in Bournemouth

Stanbourne Motor Co Ltd of Bournemouth were the factory appointed distributor through out the period for which I have directories of Triumph car dealers.
Stanbourne Motor Co. Ltd, Pokesdown Hill,
16 Poole Road, Bournemouth West,
Showrooms: Standard House, 169/171 Old Christchurch Road,

Central Garages (Parkstone) Ltd, 3 Commercial Road, Parkstone, 24-hour Service.
Cliff Drive Garage (G. H. Whitcher), Cross Roads. Southbourne,
Huxhams Ltd., Penn Hill Garage, North Lodge Road, Parkstone,
Majestic Garage (Bournemouth) Ltd., Hinton Road,
Sherwood's Car Sales, 6 Rosemary Road, Parkstone,
Tice & Son Ltd., 723 Wimborne Road, Winton.

Stanbourne Motor Co. Ltd,
Service and Stores - 16 Poole Road,
Service - Pokesdown Hill
Showrooms: Standard House, 169/171 Old Christchurch Road,

Majestic Garage (Bournemouth) Ltd., Hinton Road.
Sherwood's Car Sales, 6 Rosemary Road, Parkstone.
Tice & Son Ltd., 723 Wimborne Road, Winton.

Stanbourne Motor Co. Ltd
Service and Stores - 16 Poole Road
Showrooms: Standard House, 169/171 Old Christchurch Road,

Huxhams(Cars) Ltd, Penn Hill Garage, North Lodge Road,
Sherwood's Car Sales, 6 Rosemary Road, Parkstone
Castle Hill Motors Ltd, 20/22 Bournemouth Road

Tice & Son Ltd, 723 Wimborne Road, Winton.

1972, 1974
Stanbourne Motor Co. Ltd, 16-18 Poole Road, BH4 9DP

Plea for information

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Further information and sources

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Picture credits June 1968 advert from Tom Jones scanned by Bradford Timeline on Flickr; letterhead from James Anthony Dobbs on facebook; the other images all come from the Standard Triumph Review.
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