Sunday, January 15, 2017

Triumph Car Dealer stickers - Triumph car dealers

I have featured several rear windows stickers in my articles about Standard Triumph car dealers and this article will feature several stickers that are non dealer specific.

Show and Service Week

Triumph Show and Service Week sticker
Triumph Show and Service Week sticker
I have read elsewhere that the factory used to provide assistance with "Show and Service Week" promotions at garages around the UK. The sticker shown above is a rare survivor. I wonder if such promotions occurred in overseas sales areas such as the United States of America or Australia.

"Show and Service Week" promotions would be a week and regularly got a write up in the company magazine the Standard Triumph Review.  Often a timetable for the forth coming month would included in the magazine. I can see the events started in the 1950's and were still going in the last 1960's. 

TR4 Promotion

These stickers were recently shared with me by on facebook. Here are the instructions for use.

  1. Stickers may be applied safely to showroom windows, walls, doors, et cetera.
  2. When used on automobiles, it is advisable to place stickers on car windows, bumpers, and hub caps.
  3. If stickers are used on painted surfaces of car, it is advisable to change their location about every 10 days, remembering to peel them off carefully.

Standard Triumph

This window sticker is on the rear screen of a car now in Japan.  Have you ever seen one?

Factory inspected

I am not sure how old this one is. Do you know any more?

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