Saturday, July 08, 2006

Stafford 2006

I visted the TSSC national at Stafford. It seemed a little quieter than usual. It was good to meet up with some old friends from my days in the West Midlands. One of those chaps Chris Allen was running the Dinky concourse. That chap must have every AA model ever issued. If you get the chance check his collection out.

Two ex John Kipping/Canley blokes were trading there. Mike Papworth who sorted my gearbox recently and Karl Dandridge.

There were some bargains to had in the autojumble. I looked at several cars running PI and got some more ideas.

This is a electronic PI set up on a GT6.

I have saved some more pictures to

Also picked up a spare petrol tank from Debbie AKA targopurple which I bought off eBay recently. A nice change to actually meet an Ebay trader. Will be able to play with this one to get the PI plumbing sorted.
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